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The D-SD Mailing List is an YahooGroups mailing list. You can subscribe to the D-SD's Mailing List for free!

Go to and make yourself an account that will control all your access to the groups on Yahoo. Then subscribe to the group here:

Posting rules:

This list is an informal means for everyone interested in the group to share information. It is intended as a means to allow members to share information on their cars, group activities, etc., and is not an official source of information from the D-SD.


To avoid utter chaos and anarchy, the list is Moderated. New members are moderated to help keep the spammers from getting into the list. It's also moderated to keep bickering and personal attacks from clogging the list. If you are caught bickering your access privileges will be (at least temporarily) suspended. Once you've been posting for a while, moderation will be turned off and your posts will go through immediately.

(1) No Flaming - on or off line. "Just Be Nice"

(2) No cross-posting. Even if you have multiple subscriptions, send only to ""

(3) Do your homework. Make sure you know what you're talking about before sharing it.

(4) Stay on topic. NO chain letters or political endorsements.

(5) No copyrighted materials.

(6) KISS -- Keep It Short and Simple. Trim quoted material, and keep your signatures short. Messages carrying more than one prior message will probably be rejected.

(7) Use an appropriate subject. Summarize your post in the subject. Descriptive subjects get more attention.

(8) Use discretion. Post prudently, and send private emails when appropriate.

(9) Please do not attempt to post picture files or other attachments to the list. It may or may not go though.

(10) Set your email program to submit inline text. HTML or other formatting works very unreliably and sometimes will not come through at all.

(11) If you are posting something for sale, or otherwise looking for private answers, put your email ID in the body of the message. eGroups filters out the last letter of your address in order to inhibit spam robots from picking addresses out of the archives.

(12) Moderators will usually comment rejections. Be sure to look through the notice and see what you can correct. If you are ever in doubt about the rules, consult the moderator first.

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